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Suspension Files

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Designed to fit in a suspension file box, drawers and cabinets, suspension files create a convenient and flexible filing system. Suspended by hooks from two parallel runners in each filing cabinet drawer, these hanging files mean you can increase storage capacity as your paperwork grows without needing to buy additional cabinets. Plastic tabs at the top of each file allow you label and organise files so you can quickly and easily access documents, letters and contracts as soon as they are needed. At the Viking online store, you can browse and shop a wide selection of suspension files from leading brands such as Rexel, Elba, Leitz, and more.

Available in a variety of colours, we carry lateral suspension files, vertical suspension files and suspension file accessories. Made from strong paper, standard lateral suspension files join files together to prevent you losing any paperwork. The design means you can load from the front and it expands to allow for bulkier documents.

For easy document storing and access, look to our range of vertical suspension files A4 and foolscap sized files. Tough enough to withstand everyday use, these files can be used to turn your desk drawer into a hassle-free filing solution. In a range of pack sizes, these vertical suspension files combine maximum efficiency with minimal retrieval time.

Ensure your file system is always running smoothly with an assortment of suspension file accessories at Viking. From plastic tabs to mark your suspension files and printable inserts to make content identification easier, you’ll find everything you need at our online store.@readmore@

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