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  1. Nylon reinforce hardening clay

    Viking Number: 5120721


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For use in the classroom or in a dedicated art room, our arts and crafts supplies are perfect for schools, nurseries, and playgroups.

Arts and crafts time at school calls for high quality supplies to get kids’ creativity going. With our range of sculpting clays, suitable for children of all ages (and adults too), they can create small and large models, pottery – the sky is the limit.

Let their imaginations run riot with our safe, easy to use air dry clay that can be varnished and painted any way you like once dry. With Viking’s range of modelling clay you can create anything you can dream of, and coming up with your own classroom design ideas is half the fun.

You’ll also find we stock a hand picked selection of decorative items to personalise your finished models, with coloured feathers, sparkly stars and more.

For years Viking has been a trusted supplier for schools, nurseries and educational establishments across the country and our collection of modelling clay and accessories includes something to suit all ages.

Whether you are the organiser of a playgroup or a primary school teacher looking for supplies for your class, you will find our products provide the high quality you expect and are perfect for all your arts and crafts needs.@readmore@