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Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind.

It’s the New Year, a fresh start and the perfect time to refresh and organise your working environment. Here’s our guide to help you be more productive and efficient at work.

Step 1: Declutter

A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. So first of all, clear your desk completely and sort through your pile of paperwork. Archive away items that need to be kept but you don’t need to use on a regular basis and organise the rest in folders.
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Shredders are definitely handy to dispose of confidential paperwork, USB sticks and data storage devices will free up your computer files too.
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And if all of your cables are taking over your workspace, then our range of cable tidies is an affordable solution for you.
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Step 2: Freshen up the workplace

Did you know that the average office desk is 400 times dirtier than an average toilet seat?* That’s enough motivation to get cleaning now that you have a clearer workspace! Our top tip is to take five minutes at the end of each day to quickly wipe down your desk to keep it as germ free as possible.
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Use computer cleaning equipment to do a deeper clean once a week on your keyboard, mouse, and screen.
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A hand sanitiser on your desk is a must to minimise the risk of germs spreading and don’t forget Viking also stock a range of air fresheners

Step 3: Get Organised

Next step is to maintain the tidy desk so don’t let the papers and files pile up, use stylish stacking trays and magazine files to store and organise your work.
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Keep your workspace as clear and clutter free as possible with desk organisers and pen holders. Also stock up on notepads, envelopes, pens and then you will have all your essentials to hand.
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Step 4: Improve the view

A large time of our working week is spent at the desk so add some colour and perk up the office with attractive desk accessories and wall arts. Super sticky notes are great for visual reminders and save space.

Plants are also beneficial for the working environment - they are known to reduce stress, purify the air, reduce sickness, and boost creativity levels.

Increase comfort levels with our desk organisation solutions that help to relieve tension in the shoulders and neck from working on laptops and monitors.
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And it is just as important to protect your view too
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Step 5: Boost productivity

Personalise your desk with inspiring quotes or personal photos, favourite mugs, desk toys such as stress balls that help to make your office environment your own and associate more positively with your work. Noticeboards are great for helping you stay focused - use these for planning, notes, reminders and they’re perfect for collaboration too.
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Try to collect ideas and creative work that you like in folders so you have ideas to hand when you need it for inspiration. Labels are useful with organisation and to find things easily.

And on a final note, creating the right working environment is important so ensure there is plenty of natural light and get the office temperature just right (between 22-25 degrees Celsius) – both elements significantly affect concentration levels.


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