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Paper Shredder Buying Guide


Identity fraud is a risk to all of us, both as individuals and as businesses, simply because we deal with so many pieces of information on a daily basis. In addition, the new GDPR legislation also affects how organisations store, handle and process data. The GDPR rules require organisations to take more responsibility for destroying documents in a secure and timely manner. That's why now is the time to invest in a top quality paper shredder.

Before deciding on a shredder, you should consider the following:

› Where will the shredder be used?
› What level of security is required?
› Which type of shredder would best suit your needs?
› What else to look for when choosing your shredder
› Choosing the right shredder

Where will the shredder be used?

Personal shredders

Our personal shredders are ideal for individual users handling confidential information in the office or home, feature up to 10 minute run times and are engineered for light/medium usage.

Small office/home office shredders

Our small office/home office shredders are ideal for 1-5 users who handle confidential information, feature up to 45 minute run times and are engineered for medium/heavy usage.

Departmental shredders

Our commercial grade shredders are ideal for large offices with multiple users, feature continuous run times for non-stop shredding and are engineered for heavy usage.

What level of security is required?

Strip cut: Basic security shredding for documents with low confidentiality needs providing the minimum level of security. Often classed as DIN P-1 and DIN P-2, a strip cut machine shreds each A4 sheet into approximately 36 strips, based on a 5.8mm cut-size width.
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Cross cut: Enhanced security for highly confidential documents. Consider a DIN P-3 or DIN P-4 cross cut machine that shreds each A4 sheet into approximately between 300 and 400 particles. Choose a cross cut shredder when needing to shred confidential documents in the home or the office.
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Micro cut: Superior security for highly confidential documents and even greater peace of mind. Also referred to as DIN P-5, a micro cut machine shreds each A4 sheet into over 2000 particles making them virtually impossible to reassemble. Choose a micro cut shredder when needing to shred highly confidential documents such as bank statements or employee records.
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Which type of shredder would best suit your needs?

Manual Shredders

These are the most common type of shredder. The user stays next to the machine whilst manually inserting documents for shredding. We would recommend a manual shredder if you like to shred as you go, if sensitive information needs to be destroyed immediately or for large scale one off jobs like archive shredding in an office.
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AutoFeed Shredders

The user loads multiple documents into the tray, leaving you free to walk-away and continue working whilst your shredding is done automatically.We would recommend an automatic shredder if large volumes of paper are regularly built up in single sessions, Information is not so sensitive to warrant immediate destruction, or if time spent shredding paper is inconvenient and unproductive.
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What else to look for when choosing your shredder

Along with numerous options in shredder performance and security levels, there are also many features available that make shredding more effective for the home or workplace. When you think about where your shredder will be located and who will be using it, some additional needs may have to be considered.

Choosing the right shredder

Selecting the best paper shredder depends on several factors, from where the shredder will be used to how much it will be used. One of the biggest mistakes shredder buyers make is purchasing a shredder that does not meet their needs, often buying a shredder that is not robust enough. For example, they may purchase a personal shredder when they may need an office shredder for bigger jobs. They may even need a heavy duty shredder if working in a large office. For greater security needs, a micro cut shredder is the best choice, and a credit card shredder may be required if there is a need to destroy more than paper. Also while buying a home paper shredder, buyers may need to consider safety features to safely shred around children and pets. Seems like a lot to think about? Just answer the following questions to make your paper shredder choices easy.

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