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We're all working longer, with most people spending a large portion of their day staring at a computer screen - be that in the office, at home or the move. Whilst we now can't do without our computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in our lives, we can do something about the bad working habits associated with them that are causing so many health problems.

Working Ergonomically is Working Well for Life

Poor posture when using computers, laptops and tablets is one of the biggest causes of neck and back pain, and it’s having a serious affect on productivity at work and on personal life in general.

People who experience pain or discomfort are unlikely to perform to their full potential, and this often leads to sickness absence – and, in some cases, long-term injuries and disabilities.

Research undertaken by ergonomic workstation specialists Fellowes reveals that 79% of us admit to slouching at a desk. Add to the fact that most people spend over 7 hours a day sat at a desk and you begin to realise the full extent of the problem.

Viking offers a comprehensive range of head to toe ergonomic solutions - from ergonomic chairs, back supports & foot supports, laptop stands, monitor arms and risers, wrist supports, to sit stand solutions, helping you to be active, focused and energised.

Ergonomic Seating

Here at Viking, we have selected a range of the best ergonomic office chairs specifically designed to prevent and minimise back pain, and which combine quality and functionality.

Ergonomic Chairs & Stools

Ergonomic Desks

Whether it’s in the office or at home, most of us spend lots of time working behind a desk. So having a set-up that's comfortable and easy to use really can make all the difference to your everyday life.

Take the Fellowes 4 Zone Approach to healthier working

To make it easier for you to choose the right ergonomic solutions for you and the way you work, Fellowes has developed the 4 Zone Approach® to healthier working.

In four simple stages you can identify the most common bad habits, the potential risks and the most effective solutions for workstation-related pain and injuries – wherever working is taking place.

By adopting good posture and ensuring your eyes, neck, back and legs are positioned correctly, you will discover a world of difference to the way you feel, both physically and mentally. This in turn ensures that you are much more engaged, motivated and productive.

Zone 1 - Prevent back tension

Sitting in a chair without proper support can cause poor circulation, back discomfort, and overall fatigue. Our selection of ergonomic chairs, back supports & footrests will ensure you are sitting in the optimal position.

Zone 2 - Avoid wrist pressure

Typing on a keyboard or laptop, for hours at a time, can cause pain and discomfort to your wrists; mouse mats with wrist support and keyboard wrist rests will alleviate this.

Zone 3 - Relieve neck strain

Leaning forward and tilting your head up or down to see your computer screen or the documents you are working on can place strain on your neck and back. Consider using monitor arms & stands, laptop supports and document holders.

Zone 4 - Reduce inactivity

Alternate between sitting and standing to actively reduce the health risks of sedentary working such as heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes. Sit stand desks or workstations are the obvious answer.

Office Accessories

Setting up a desk to fit your ergonomic needs is an important part of ensuring health and safety in the workplace. An adjustable monitor stand can be very important whether you're using a laptop or desktop computer.


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