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Buying guide Labels

Viking offers a wide range of adhesive labels in various sizes, formats and materials. These specific labels are focused for home or office printer compatibility and not label machines or small label printers. From organizing your office folder to weatherproof permanent labelling, our self-adhesive labels are suitable for every situation.

For what purposes will I use the label?

It is essential to think about where and on what surface you will use the label. This will determine what kind of features your label needs to be the most useful. Do you need labels to send envelopes, ship boxes or for filing and archiving purposes? Will you use the labels inside or do they need to be weather proof? The below categories show which labels are suitable for which needs. Click any category to view the respecting products.

Shipping, Sending & Multipurpose

Labels for sending envelopes and shipping parcels.

Filing & Archiving

To label folders, binders, files & others.

Special Purposes

Weatherproof, inventory, security & storage labels.

What different label types are available and which one will suit my needs?

Each label type can have diverse functions however, generally speaking, we have divided labels into categories accordingly. Below you can find an overview of the main label types we store.

Multipurpose labels

From labelling documents and storage boxes to labelling envelopes, these can be used in a variety of ways. Multipurpose labels are often used for day-to-day labelling. For every use, we have a corresponding shape and size to suit your needs.

Address labels

These labels are primarily used for sending envelope mailings and come in many different sizes, formats and colours. At Viking we store address labels for a wide variety of envelopes sizes such as DL, C4, C5 and C6.

Parcel labels

For shipping packages, boxes, large envelopes and mailing tubes we offer a special range of parcel labels designed to permanently stick to your desired postal items. Parcel labels tend to have a larger size than address labels but we offer them in many different sizes & formats.

Filing labels

Self-adhesive labels for files, folders and lever arch files make filing documents quick and easy. Your files will get the instant professional look and aid you in finding the correct paperwork faster.

Transparent labels

There are two variations in our clear label range. A slightly matt polyester film type is ideal for addresses on mailing objects. The high-gloss crystal-clear version is more specified for smooth, transparent materials such as glass.

Removable labels

Ideal for creating short term, temporary labels. By easily peeling the label without leaving any residue behind these labels are suited for files, drawers or shelves where the content changes regularly.

Weatherproof labels

Ideal for outdoor labelling, warehousing, logistics or shipping. All weatherproof labels are designed to stay intact on your parcels, packages, products and equipment because they are water repellent, oil, dirt and temperature resistant.

What label size or shape do I need?

Our regular A4 sheeted labels are divided into an amount of labels per sheet with each type having different measurements. Before buying a label think about what you want to print or write on it and where you will stick the label. Is it a short postal address or do you have an extensive ingredient list? Do you want to label an envelope or folder? Ensure that you buy the label with the right dimensions for your personal needs.

As for shapes, the rectangular standard format is our all-rounder, being versatile in the different applications. They can be used as an address label, for product labelling, office filing, labelling in warehouses and production, for property labelling, in fact wherever labelling is needed. The rectangular shaped labels are one of the most commonly used.

Square labels are unique and special in their applications. These are ideal for eye-catching product labelling or even as an individual advertising sticker. The unusual lettering will certainly leave a lasting impression. 

Round & oval labels tend to draw more attention than the regular rectangular labels that are used on a day-to-day level. They fit onto many different products & backgrounds such as storage jars, tubes and lotion dispensers. Many of our coloured round labels are also known as marking dots and usually used for filing or archiving purposes.

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What printer is compatible with my labels?

Multipurpose or filing labels are compatible with all printers. However when using special labels such as shipping, textile or film labels, please print with the recommended printer technology. You will find the printer information on the front of the packaging as well as in our product titles and descriptions. We offer labels which are compatible with all printers and labels that need to be specifically printed on either inkjet, laser, digital or small home printers. In addition there is also a wide range of labels which are to be hand-written on.

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What label software is available and where can I find it?

Any label design can be created in the whichever way you wish. According to your preference, you may use Microsoft Word to generate these. However with the majority of our labels we offer free template software. This software is specifically made in order to create label designs. It is preloaded with everything needed to produce high-quality personalised labels in just a few minutes. You can customise one of our popular templates or upload your own artwork. The online software you should use is dependent upon the brand of the product you decide on buying. All brands have their own software available and can be found via the packaging of the item or in our online product descriptions.

Below you can find a step by step guide to create personalised labels via a standard online software template for labels:
1. Find the software reference on the packaging of your label and visit the online or downloadable software. 
2. Enter the software code – usually the product code of your label – which can be found on the packaging of your label.
3. Choose blank or pre-printed template and start designing.
4. Print labels. Done!

Below you can find the URL to the online software of most of the brands we store:

What should I pay attention to when creating & printing labels?

1. Use the right labels for your printer
Check the printer compatibility of your label on the packaging or in our online product titles and descriptions. Some labels are compatible with all printer types, others need to be printed with specific printers (laser, inkjet etc).

2. Precise designing
When creating your labels please note that text and design elements should have a space between the label edge. To prevent misprints, reserve a gap because not every printer supports accurate publishing.

3. Check printer settings
Select the setting for “Labels” in the printer menu. (Depending on the type of printer, there are alternative terms such as "cardboard" or "thick paper". This way, the sheet is fed through the device more slowly and the toner is fixed better. For inkjet printers, select the "Plain paper" setting. Otherwise, excessive ink application may occur.

4. Fan the labels before printing
Fan the sheets carefully before placing the labels in the paper tray. This is how air gets between the individual sheets and these are drawn in individually.

5. Insert the label sheets correctly in the printer
Place the labels in the designated paper tray. You can find information on this in the operating instructions for your printer. Visual markings on the printer show how to insert the sheet correctly.

6. Make a test print
We advise you make a test print on normal paper, as your printer might print slightly different than shown in the print preview in the label software tool. Put the printed page against the label sheet and hold against light to see if all is in the correct place, preventing prints on un-labelled spaces.

7. The label sheet may only run 1x through the printer
We recommend that you do not re-insert a label sheet that has already been (partially) printed into the printer. Reasoning: The backing material lost rigidity when individual labels were removed. As a result, labels can peel off or the sheet can get caught in the printer, causing a printer jam.

8. Pay attention to the correct storage of labels

  • Store the labels in the original packaging at room temperature.
  • Protect your labels from moisture and direct sunlight and heat. Please do not store near heat sources (heating).
  • Avoid strong temperature fluctuations. If the temperature in your printer room is significantly different than in the storage room, it is best to let the labels acclimatize for a day before printing.

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