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All you need for your Home Office

Many businesses are trying to determine how to prepare their offices and employees to work from home or work remotely from anywhere. In our Home Office Shop, learn to create a plan, educate employees and provide all of the tools that your staff needs.


Why working from home?

Working from home or remote working is not a new trend. However for the last few months, since the Covid-19 crisis has started, the amount of people working from home increased dramatically. Working from home is a new normal, and a product mix that allows to create an office area at home is essential, whether you are an employer who prepares his workers for remote working or an employee who chooses to work from home. Do not sacrifice the working standard and quality that traditionally can be found in the office!

The importance of creating a dedicated office area at home should not be neglected due to several reasons. But a separate room as a home office is not a must. A possible home office solution to a small home space is a flexible layout and a smart choice of the necessary equipment.

This helps to create a more healthy work-life balance so that you can be fully focus on work during working hours, and completely switched off after. A dedicated home office space creates clear boundaries between work and personal life even if you spend a whole day being in one environment. As an addition, must-have functional work appliances are convenient in keeping you professional and productive even when you are away from the traditional office working environment.

Price King
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Realspace Basic Tilt Office Chair with Armrest and Adjustable Seat Austin Mesh, Fabric Black


€119.00 Each

€146.37 incl. VAT


TOPSTAR Synchro Tilt Operator Chair 2D Armrest Open Point Deluxe Mesh, Fabric Black


€199.00 Each

€244.77 incl. VAT


iiyama 27 Inch Monitor LED Backlit ProLite B2791HSU-B1


€314.00 Each

€386.22 incl. VAT


Key elements

Key elements to consider while organising your Home Office. Multifunctional and space-saving furniture that fits your home décor: sit-stand desks, stylish chairs, storage for both your professional and personal belongings. Home office furniture and communication accessories should support your health and enhance your well-being: ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks, laptop risers, ergonomic accessories for comfort when working on a computer, etc. The right tech equipment is a must. Newer generation products help support your health, provide security, optimize remote communication, and in general optimize comfort while working from home: monitors, mouse and keyboards, printers, headsets, web cameras, cable management etc. Storage items and desk organization accessories to help keeping your desk clean and uncluttered. It helps you organize your work from the work accessories to personal items at home. Noticeboards and stationary are both important planning pieces as well as functional style statements. Your surrounds can influence your mind and well-being. A work area should be professional but also inspirational to help boost your creativity.

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